Victorinox – Swiss Army Knife, Swiss Champ


Medium Pocket Knife with 33 FunctionsbrbrWhen you hear the words Swiss Army Knife, chances are you think of the legendary Officer’s knife. And that legend continues with the SwissChamp pocket knife. It’s the ultimate pocket knife, packing no less than 33 functions and countless possibilities. Wherever you are and whatever happens, if it can be fixed, it can be fixed with the SwissChamp.brbrbrToolsbrbr1. Large bladebr2. Small bladebr3. Corkscrewbr4. Mini screwdriverbr5. Reamer, punch and sewing awlbr6. Can openerbr7. Screwdriver 3 mmbr8. Bottle openerbr9. Screwdriver 6 mmbr10. Wire stripperbr11. Scissorsbr12. Pliersbr13. Wire cutterbr14. Wire crimping toolbr15. Fish scalerbr16. Hook disgorgerbr17. Ruler (cm)br18. Ruler (inches)br19. Wood sawbr20. Nail filebr21. Nail cleanerbr22. Metal sawbr23. Metal filebr24. Magnifying glassbr25. Phillips screwdriver 1/2br26. Screwdriver 2.5 mmbr27. Chisel 4 mmbr28. Multipurpose hookbr29. Toothpickbr30. Tweezersbr31. Pressurized ballpoint penbr32. Pin, stainless steelbr33. Key ringbrbrNot for sale to anyone under age of 18brbr

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