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The Rocktanium range has become a core part of our Stellar pans offer, featuring what have been described as some of the best non-stick frying pans and saucepans in the market as well as been awarded the Excellence in Cookware Award. The highlight feature of Stellar Rocktanium is the PFOA-free QuanTanium non-stick coating. It requires little to no oil, promoting healthier cooking methods and making it the perfect choice for those looking to cut out the unnecessary calories associated with frying. Thanks to the thick construction, these non-stick pans provide an even heat distribution – so your food will not get overcooked or undercooked in certain areas – and are suitable for all hob types, including induction. Further bonus: they are oven friendly up to 210�C – perfect for dishes that require finishing off in the oven, such as frittatas and omelettes. Compared to ceramic frying pans, our titanium-based non-stick has an outstanding performance when it comes to durability (confirmed by the 10-year non-stick guarantee): the coating is harder and more durable than that of conventional non-stick cookware, meaning scratches and chips are less of a worry. Finally, when it comes to the washing up, it’s a breeze to clean by hand but can also be popped into the dishwasher. The most versatile piece of cookware in the range, this Rocktanium non-stick saut� pan is more compact than a wok but with higher sides than a frying pan, thereby making it handy for crafting dishes with multiple ingredients, such as stir fries and curries, or in bigger portions. The handy lid that comes with it enables you to retain the heat – ideal for whether you are steaming the contents inside, or experimenting with the simmering flavours that are to make up a magical meal.

The perfect range for healthy cooking, little to no oil required
Hardwearing PFOA Free Quantanium Non-Stick with excellent scratch resistance, harder and more durable than conventional non-stick
Outstanding performance with even heat distribution on all hob types
Extremely easy to clean
Safe riveted handles, more secure and long-lasting than standard welded joints
See what’s cooking, vented glass lid will reduce boil over


Dishwasher Safe
Suitable for Gas, Halogen, Ceramic, Solid Plate
Induction Suitable
Oven Safe Up to 210�C

Stellar Lifetime Guarantee, 10 Year Non-Stick Warranty

Size: 24cm

Code: SP48

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