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Johnston Jeff Dried Mealworms. A true gourmet food for all wild birds which can be fed all year round. Mealworms are exceptionally high in protein and fat, perfect for fledglings and adults.

Attract Robins, Thrushes and Blackbirds to your garden with their favourite snack! Feeding your flighty friends mealworms is a sure way to enjoy more wildlife in your garden, but the mess associated with live mealworms is a pain. These dried mealworms are an excellent alternative they have been carefully dried to retain all the goodness and nutrients our feathery neighbours deserve and yet are far less hassle to handle (and to clear up after) than live mealworms.

Being particularly high in protein, they are widely used as food for a variety of house pets, including birds, fish and reptiles. They are also used as a fishing bait and in bird feeders for attracting wild birds to the garden.

Gourmet food for all wild birds
Can be fed all year round
High in protein and fat
Enjoy more wildlife in your garden

Comes in re-sealable pouch

Size: 100g

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