Barrettine – Woodwom Killer


Barrettine – Woodwom Killer

Barrettine’s Woodworm Treatment is a traditional deep penetrating low odour oil/spirit based woodworm killer. It prevents & exterminates woodworm and wood boring insects such as the woodworm beetle and furniture beetle from treated timber. Ideal for treating furniture, flooring, structural timbers etc. Avoid contact with roofing felts . Kills all common woodworm insects including Common woodworm Furniture Beetle, House Longhorn Beetle, Powder Post Beetle and wood boring Weevils. Kills woodworm larvae and eggs when in direct contact.

For the prevention & eradication of woodworm, wood boring beetles & insects, Larvae and eggs
For internal & external timber structures
Low Odour Formulation

Size: 250ml

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