Global – Cooks Knife 13cm 30th Anniversary (GS-89AN)


The GS-89 is a cook’s knives that is in the classic shape of the Western style cook’s knife and so can perform any kitchen task, whether you need to slice, dice or chop. If you can only afford to get one knife, always buy one good chef’s knife. These knives are represented by their non fluted equivalents the G-2, G-55 and G-58. The main advantage to owning the fluted knife over the standard knives is the non stick properties of these blades. If you cut a lot of starchy vegetables, these knives are quite good as the veg is less likely to stick like glue onto the knives and get in the way of cutting things up. The main downside to fluted blades is that the lifespan of the knife is shorter. Once you sharpen the knife up to the start of the fluting, the dimples get in the way of the blade edge. Really good for home use as this should not be a problem for 10+ years, but we recommend professionals stick to the standard non fluted knives.

Anniversary Edition

Cromova18 Stainless Steel
Hollow Handles
Rockwell C56-58
Acute 15 Degree Cutting Edge
Handwash Only
Designed by Komin Yamada

Made in Japan

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