Global – Acacia Cutting Board (Small)


Global Cutting Board

This is the perfect cutting board that is highly recommend for your Global Knives not only for the aesthetics but because it has been designed and tested to handle the sharp edge of a Global Knife by not being scratched easily. Considering that your Global knives will last for up to 40 years if maintained correctly, you would definitely want a board to match that set. You will find side panels with a moulded handle that allows you to securely move it around. It is also naturally antibacterial and water resistant so you can continue to enjoy the beautiful grain of the wood without worrying about damage to it

Hard Wood
Highly Durable
Water resistant.
Lasts for up to 40 years
Warm deep brown colour
Not easily scratched
Smooth to the touch
Naturally antibacterial

Size: 35cm x 25cm x 2.5cm

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